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Students learn about and complete practical work and assessment to achieve the safe application of lash lifting and tinting.

Lash lifting is the new eyelash perming and has revolutionised old perming techniques and will enhance clients lashes making them longer and thicker. Lash lift is brilliant to give lift as well as curl-this treatment last 6-8 weeks including a tint so no mascara needed. Great for lashes that are naturally straight and growing out/down.


Theoretical part:

  • Health and Safety procedures
  • Client consultation
  • Patch testing
  • Record keeping
  • Importance of sanitising and sterilizing
  • How to organise a work space
  • Client preparation
  • Product information and usage guidance
  • Distinguish correct size silicon shields to suit client
  • Contra-actions and contra-indications
  • Tips and tricks of the trade

Practical part:

Demonstration on a model-procedural steps for lash lift and tint( best practice techniques, hints and tips)

Students watch and learn each stage of lash lifting and tinting process.

Students practice on a model.

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