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 Hair Extension Course with Beauty Training Studio


Hair extensions are amazing way of transforming your look almost instantly. You can add length, volume, change the colour or just add highlights or lowlights and go from short straight hair to long and curly within 2-3 hours!!!

We offer professionally applied hair extensions in three different techniques to provide the right method to suit your needs. Our hair extension specialists provide high standard of services from free consultations, professional application to aftercare advice.

The Hair


We use only 100% natural, human remy Indian Temple Hair. They are beautiful, silky soft and smooth, premium quality hair, which will look like your own, can be straightened, curled, cut and blow dried exactly the same as your own hair.

We use 20 inch hair extensions as a standard but we can use longer if needed.

With the correct maintenance and care this hair will last a very long time and can also be re-used even up to 3 times depending on their condition -that means less expensive applications for you.

Remy hair are cuticle correct so it will not tangle and they are pre bonded with the highest quality keratin, resulting in less shedding.

Hair Extension Courses London

The Techniques

Micro rings

hair extension training

This system uses very small copper rings crimped around hair to secure extensions in place. If applied correctly will not be visible for months and it's easy to remove. The metal rings are colour matched to the colour of your hair for more comfort and natural look. There is no glue involved and no damage to your own hair. Micro rings can be easily removed at any time you decide to do so.

Easy Tubes


This technique is the best choice for customers who suffer from overproduction of sebum (greasy hair). Metal tubes used in this system provide the most secure bond without damage to the natural hair. The tubes are colour mached to the colour of your hair, are invisible for a long time and easy to remove.

Keratin Fusion


This technique uses hot fusion to bond hair together using keratin which is naturally key structural component of hair. It creates strong bond and if applied properly will last until a customer decides to remove the extensions. The extensions are removed by using de-bonder liquid with no damage to the natural hair.

Before The Application

Make an appointment for free consultations to determine the best option for you, choose the colour and method and make an appointment for the application of your extensions.

Make sure that your hair is freshly coloured to avoid dying extensions unnecessarily.

After The Application

*Use only shampoo and conditioner for extension hair as normal products can damage the hair or weaken the bond resulting in tangling, loosing shine, shedding and loosing more strands then you normally would.

*Use only a hair extension brush as it is designed to brush your natural and extension hair together without damage to the bonds.

*Sleep with your hair in loose plait to avoid knots.

*Don't use too much heat when blow drying, straightening or curling your hair as it might weaken the keratin bond and dry out the ends of your extensions, your hair will split and brake -as a result it will be impossible to use them again.

*Never try to bleach or dye your extensions as you might not achieve the expected colour or damage the hair. Always go to professional hairdresser, who will perform a strand test first.

*Whatever you do please be gentle with your new hair, remember the less stress you put on the extensions and the bonds the better.

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