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Choose Nail & Beauty Course?

How to choose the right nail or beauty course? 

There is many training centers, schools and colleges offering nail and beauty courses. It’s definitely not easy to find the right or the best one. The first thing to establish is: are you going to do the course and treat it as your new hobby? or are you going to do it professionally? If you want it to be your new job there is few things you need to know:


You need to have manicure and pedicure qualification to be able to work as a nail technician. Without this basic qualification you will not be able to get insurance for yourself.

Course have to cover necessary theory: health, safety and hygiene, organisation of the work place, physiology of the nail, nail and skin diseases.

Find out what the course you going for covers, telephone or email the school and ask about all aspects you are interested in like: french manicure in white and pink gel or acrylic (very popular application), massages of hands and feet, nail art.

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Find out what is the maximum and minimum number of students per class. In some schools there might be even more then 15 students per class and the school will cancel the course if there isn’t enough people booked.

Visit the school. School should always welcome you, let you see the training room, equipment or even stay on the course for a little bit and speak to other students.

Ask when you need to let them know in case you want to change your mind about the course and if they will return the payments you've done.

Ask how long the course is going to take, how many hours per day, if the price will cover products and tools or you need to buy your own kit.


The high price doesn’t always guarantee high standard and the best curriculum, low price course on the other hand might have hidden costs (kit, payment for exams etc.) that is why it's best to look for accredited courses as they will have a guarantee of a high standard and approved curriculum.

Apart from that manicure, pedicure, traditional gel or acrylic course should not be orientated on just one brand of products but mainly teach the techniques.

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