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HEALT SAFETY in SalonHealth and Safety in Salon
Health and safety is an important subject and should be treated very seriously otherwise it might result in infections or other health problems.
As Customers we have right to be served in clean and safe environment.
Try to stick to those rules:
  1. Look around every time you are in a new salon –to check if the place is clean and well organised. If you see chaos, things out of place, staff without uniforms or dirty uniforms, think twice before you book your appointment. Speak to someone before you have treatment –you have right to make sure that people serving you have qualifications and needed skills.
  1. When you arrive for your treatment you should be asked to fill in a customer consultation card which normally have a lot of personal questions like: name, address, phone numbers, date of birth and also medical questions related to the treatment like: allergies, recent infections, asthma, pregnancy, diabetes, heart problems and other health conditions and medications. You should give them all needed information as every beautician and technician have a responsibility to keep you safe. They will decide if you are suitable for the treatment based on information given, so if you “forget” to tell them about important issues the result might not be as you expect –and they will not be at fault. You can always ask them to copy client card for you, if you wish to keep it. Salon should keep your records in locked cabinet, away from customers for 5 years and after that they should destroy all record in proper way.- If you have many allergies they should ask you to sign the statement that you agree to the treatment, you should be made aware of any side effects as it will be on your responsibility if you decide to have treatments done.-If you are pregnant you should speak to your midwife before having any treatments, to make sure you will be safe. Acrylic nails, massages and some other treatments might not be suitable for you.-If you are pregnant, just gave birth or you are on intensive hormonal treatment all nails applications might not wear very well and could come off in just few days after the application. There is nothing you can do to make them last longer and it’s not up to your technician skills or application techniques. -If you are diabetic all tools and equipment should be sanitised again prior the treatment -because of the disease you are more likely to get infection, metal tools should be used very carefully during treatments because any bleeding will be very difficult to stop, you should also not have excess skin removed with blades as this treatment should be performed by your doctor.
      3.  Every beautician or nail technician should always sanitise their and then your         hands to stop                        cross-         contamination, for pedicure they                  should use disposable gloves –fresh pair each time.
     4. All tools and equipment used need to be washed and sanitised after every use            and if something f            ells            to the   floor it should be sanitised                    again!!! It is NOT OK to spray it with something and use      it on you                        againstraight away–it should be put in a container with sanitising solution and          left there for at least 10-15 minutes –as this is reaction time for most of                      sanitising liquids like Barbicide. Also files          for nail extensions should be            and manicures need to be sanitised unless they use a new file for every                      customer.
    5.   Make sure that things look clean and tidy.
    6. If you are offered a drink when having nails done you need to remember not to        drink it after your technician start filing your nails. The dust from your nails            contains chemicals which are safe for nails but might not be so safe if you                drink  them. The dust will sit on a top of your drink ready to be digested by you.
   7.Every time you feel any pain or discomfort you need to tell about it to your              technician as this should never be a part of the treatment. There is no reason to        feel bad about telling them what you see or feel, you are a customer and you            have right to feel relaxed –not rushed around, to be safe –not sit all tense waiting      for them to cut your skin with the file and to be healthy –not having problems          with infections or damaged nails, because you were not treated properly.
Remember that your health depends on you as well so don’t go just anywhere for your treatments, but choose well.